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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Workout of the Week November 12th

600-800 SKPS

My latest favorite drill--push off wall with one arm extended and K on your belly , you will then rotate to your side keep that extended arm where it's at, then you will rotate to your side, then to your back then to your side and back to your belly-->take 3 strokes to get to your other side. This is a great drill to feel your balance in the water. It also takes a lot of core kinesthetic awareness to smoothl move from one phase to the next. So do this drill as follows:

6-8x75 50 Drill+25 swim RI :20
6x50 build (build means to get faster within the distance)

Now for the hard set--If you haven't been swimming much (which would be less than 2x's per week) this is not a good set for you.

4x100 free ALL OUT!
In between each 100 you swim a 400 very easy!
Record your time. You can do it again in a couple of months and compare.
I am happy to keep track of your times if you email them to me!

That's the whole set

Workout of the Week for November 5th

200 Free
--> 50 fr+25 dolphin K
-->50 fr+25 bk K
-->50 fr+25 breast K
-->75 fr
Think entry postion FT first w/ high elbow and bilateral breath!
<20RI>after each 75

3x50 dolphin K w/ or w/o fins :20 RI
4x25 decrease stroke count free :15 RI
3x100 breast or back (choose 1) on 2:00
1x400 continually check in with your stroke count, keep it long and smooth

Total 3200

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Workout of the Week for October 29

Warm up
600-800 SKPS

8x50 alteranting 25K/ 25S w/ 25 D/25 S 2 of each stroke

Main Set:
For the non free figure out an interval that works for you:
All back
1x500 Fr RI 1:00
All Breast
2x200 Fr RI :30
All fly or fly and free
2x25 Fly
2x75 Fly or Fr
2x25 Fly
3x100 Pull fr :15
--->If you want more yard age you can do 2 sets of the 25's-75's before moving on to the free. That gives you 500 of each stroke<---

Total: 2950-3150 IF you add-->3900

Workout of the Week for October 22

Warm up
600-800 SKPS (swim kick pull swim)

One Hour of 100's--
15 minutes--> alternating Fastest Possible Send Off (FPSO) with FPSO +:15
ie. FPSO=1:30 for odds and 1:45 for evens
100 EZ
15 minutes--> alt. free and IM at interval giving :20-:25
100 EZ
10 minutes-->100's pull 1st swim + :20
8 minutes--> choice of interval
100 EZ
12 minutes descend 100's -->choice of interval

Workout of the Week for October 15

300 Swim
200 Kick
200 Pull

12x25 alternate K/Drill/Swim for each stroke :10 RI (rest interval)

Main Set
8x50 :20RI
Odds IM as follows (5 strokes fly, 10 back, 5 breast, free to finish EZ)
Evens Free
3x400 @ 1:00 RI
as follows:25 fly 25 free-25 back 50 free-25 breast 75 free-75 IM-100 Free
4x125 Pull free :20
75 stroke focus/50 build up

Total 3300

Workout of the Week for October 8

8x100 free start at warm up pace and progress as feels good for you RI :10

300 kick with fins on side

Main Set
100 free :15
2x50 choice ::20
200 free :15
2x100 choice :30
300 free :15
2x150 choice :40
200 free :15
2x100 choice :30
100 free :15
2x50 choice :20
the brokens are fast, the long swims are recovery

Total 2900

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Workout of the Week for October 1

The 1 Minute Drill

600-800 SKPS
6x50 Finger Tip Drag+Catch up

For the 1 minute drill you do 20x100

Start on the :60 After the first two swims you can begin checking the clock--If you come in between the :55 and the :05 you get to rest a minute.

Some swimmers may do two at a time,some may do 4,5 or 6 at a time. You'll get to know what pace you are swimming at and try to speed things up when you know you are getting close!

Cool Down with 6x50's ascend (start out fast and get slower for each 50 on 1:00 or :20 RI which ever is more

Total 3400

Workout of the Week for September 24

Flying Backwards

400 Free
400 Reverse IM

4x75 shoulder roll on back (25), 7&7 (25), swim back (25) RI:15
6x50 K Fr (25) S Fr (25) RI:25

12x100 every 4th do fly for the first length and for all those in between do back for the last length. Interval= 1st swim +:20
5x3x25 (15) K with fins under water as far as you can alternating on your back, dolphin and flutter on :30
4x150 by 50s #1 fly, bk, brst/ #2 fly, bk, free/ #3 fly, free, free/ #4 all free RI :30 WORK THE KICKS

Total 3600

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Workout of the Week for September 18, 2006

POPEYE workout "IM what I am"

300 Free
200IM Drill

8x25 Stone skipper fly, drill where you recover underwater :15 RI
4x50 Quality fly on swim time+:45 ie. swim 30, Interval = 1:15
4x75 50 fly+25 bk Interval = swim time +:20

8x25 alternate double arm bk and shoulder roll K :15 RI
4x50 quality bk swim time +:45
4x75 50 bk, 25 brst Interval same as above

8x25 dolphin K with fins Brst arms :15RI
4x50 quality brst same interal as above
4x75 50 bt, 25 free same interval as above

8x25 K free fast :15 RI
4x50 quality free
4x75 free

If your tough---
3x200 IM on 1st swim + 30 as your Interval

Now, go eat your SPINACH, but make sure you wash it yourself--no prewashed! Total 3900

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Workout of the Week for September 3, 2006

FREE STROKE (Preferably stroke is something other than Free)

600-800 SKPS
4-6x75 RI:15 50 of drill below then swim 25 perfect stroke (300-450)
Freestyle Drill—6K Glide—K to a count of 6 on your side then turn head so your eyes are looking down then rotate hip and shoulder (in that order) PULL with extended arm.

4x50 perfect free on 1:00 or interval giving ~:20 RI
4x50 build free on 1:00
4x50 free increase speed on :55
4x50 “ “ “ on :50
4x50 perfect free ascend (go from fast to slow) on 1:05 (1000)

3x150 stroke K build speed from the back 100 EZ 50 Fast, 50 EZ 100 Fast, all Fast RI:20

3x150 Stroke @ 200 pace Interval=1st swim +:30 (900)

4x50 zipper drill :15
200 easy (400)
Total 3100+

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Workout of the Week for August 28, 2006

Drill Sargent's Workout

+ 500 free
+ 300 kick

+ 12 x 50 free on 1:00
== alternate catch-up, finger tip drag and one arm by 50s

Main Set:
+ 5 x 200 free on 3:00 (If this doesn't work for you do your first swim +:30, ie. swim it in 2:45 interval = 3:15)
== alternate pull, swim by 200

+ 8 x 25 kick on side
== no board, no fins

+ 8 x 50 gallup drill on 1:00

+ 100 easy

Total: 3,100 yds